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Dining In Campers: Cook Tasty Meal

Speaking of holidays, camping has become increasingly popular in recent times. The good thing is that you don’t have to resort to canned ravioli, packet soups, or expensive outdoor-ready meals, because you can also cook great meals in your camper. You can dine and enjoy your meal while doing laundry in an RV.


How to cook while camping and doing laundry in an RV

If you are traveling in a mobile home, you can often fall back on a small but solid kitchen. You can also cook without a stove when camping with a spirit stove.

Compared to the gas cooker, this offers the advantage that you do not need any special cartridges that have to be precisely matched to the device. In Central and Northern Europe, you can also get denatured alcohol in hardware stores, drugstores, or supermarkets. In other countries, too, it should be easier to find this fuel than a suitable gas cartridge.

Basically, you cook with a camping stove no differently than with a gas stove apart from the difference that you only have one flame available. Therefore, timing is everything. If you would like to prepare noodles as a side dish, you can remove them from the heat after five minutes and leave them covered for another five minutes. This means the device is free again more quickly to conjure up vegetables or a sauce at the same time.

What should not be missing from camping meals?

Think about what you want to eat while camping beforehand. Although you can buy a lot of things in the holiday region, the ingredients are sometimes more expensive there or you don’t use everything. It is therefore worth taking dry food such as bread, pasta, rice, or lentils with you from home. Also, focus on long-life foods – especially if you don’t have a refrigerator or only have a small cool box.

The same applies to fruits and vegetables. Count on candidates that stay fresh longer without refrigeration, including apples, bananas, garlic, carrots, oranges, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Dried fruit is also a great way to dress up porridge or overnight oats, while sundried tomatoes add the finishing touch to a one-pot pasta or stuffed salmon trout fillets. Instead of fresh herbs, you can use the dried version for your camping food and pour a small amount of your favorite spices into small cans or jars at home.