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Food Ideas When in a Long Road Trip

Woman eating in the car


Are you going on holiday by car? With these tasty and healthy ideas, you no longer have to stop at a boring roadside restaurant when your car breaks down and you Googled “truck towing near me” while waiting for roadside assistance.

Yes, it takes some time to prepare a picnic for the road. But hey, that fridge still has to be empty, so why not just bring some goodies from home? With a little bit of organization, it works perfectly. So say goodbye to greasy croissants and sticky sandwiches from the roadside restaurant!

For breakfast

If you leave early in the morning or in the middle of the night, remember to bring an easy breakfast. Bake banana bread from the leftovers from the fruit basket: such a slice goes in easily. Put oats in the fridge overnight (don’t forget your spoon!), make a smoothie to take away, or spread an ordinary sandwich. These are some tasty ideas.

As a snack

Occasionally a healthy snack in between gives you energy again and breaks the boredom of a long drive. Choose things that you do not have to unpack from a piece of paper and that do not crumble: less waste and you keep your car clean. Some vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cauliflower florets, a raw carrot …) or fruit (apple, grapes …), a handful of unsalted nuts, and a (pre-peeled) hard-boiled egg … All fine for on-the-go. Of course, a sweet is also allowed from time to time – but try to limit sweet snacks, as you often get a bit sleepy (and children in the back seat are hyperactive – you want to avoid that too!).


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For lunch

Regular stops along the way are a must: to stretch your legs, get a breath of fresh air, visit the toilet and possibly change drivers. Try to include a short stop of fifteen minutes every two hours and make time for a light lunch around noon for half an hour to an hour. Do not eat a hot meal if you still have to drive a long way: your body needs energy for its digestion and that can make you sleepy. Rather stick to a light salad, some raw vegetables with hummus dip, a savory muffin, or a spring roll with crispy vegetables. You can also easily pack wraps and frittata or a piece of cold quiche and take it with you.

To drink

Drink enough on the go: about 200 ml per person per hour is a good guideline. If you are in the car with the four of you for an 8-hour drive, then you need about 6.5 liters of water! You can alternate with the occasional soda or with infused water with some lemon and mint or other seasonings in it, homemade iced tea that keeps you cool in a thermos, or briquettes of milk – you don’t necessarily have to cool them. To keep water fresh, you can freeze a few bottles and put them in a cooler bag at the bottom. They then, while slowly thawing during the ride, also serve as a cooling element and keep other drinks or salads fresh.

Also useful

Remember to also bring reusable cups, plates, and cutlery (and possibly straws), as well as a roll of paper towels, wet wipes or a wet washcloth, and a pocket knife. Put things that can easily spoil or that are more nicely cooled, in a cool box or cool bag with cooling elements. Also, bring a small garbage bag on the road and in the car.