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Mobile Food Business – Types Of Food Trucks

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Starting A Mobile Food Business – Types Of Food Trucks

In terms of buying a food truck, you first need to determine the type of food truck that will best suit your business needs. There are 3 major types to choose from – a truck, a trailer or a cart. Each type has its distinct attributes and advantages for various mobile food business. Apart from the type of automobile you need, you also have to determine if you are going to purchase or lease the automobile, what kind of food you will be serving, and how much storage you require.

Know Your Food Truck Options

To begin a mobile food business, your major options are food trucks, food trailers, or food cart. Let’s have a brief look at their differences.

  • Food Truck. A food truck provides more room and space. It typically is 14 feet to 34 feet long. The huge space offers enough room and flexibility for you to prepare, cook and serve meals. But, depending on how long your food truck is as well as the features it offers, you might need to prepare the food somewhere else, like at home.
  • Food Trailer. A food trailer is a combination of a food truck and cart. Like a food truck, a food trailer has more space and similar to a food cart, you will have to tow the food trailer to your destination. With a food trailer, you can serve a large crowd as you can continue to cook.
  • Food Cart. A food cart is smaller than a food truck and food trailer, and is much easier to maintain. You can attach the cart to your car and tow it towards your destination. If you plan on serving a huge amount of food simultaneously, a food cart might not be for you.