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Opening your own food truck

There are many people thinking about buying and opening their own food trucks or food carts. There are a lot of shops and websites where you can buy trailers such as trailers company. But for those who are thinking of opening a kitchen car (mobile sales), here are some of the steps that can be taken to smoothly open a kitchen car based on its history and merits.


If you look at the fact that the number of people researching “kitchen cars” has increased since around 2015, it is said that “kitchen cars” will become popular and will become even more exciting in the future. Due to corona, restaurants in fixed stores are increasingly starting kitchen cars.

Know the benefits of kitchen cars

There is no rent as a fixed cost

It is a comparison with possible restaurants, but since mobile sales and kitchen cars are dingies using cars and stalls, there is no rent as a fixed cost and there is no initial cost at the time of opening. Instead, there will be a cost of gasoline for the car, a business place fee that occurs each time, and a parking lot fee.

Low initial cost of opening a kitchen car

The kitchen car has a narrower space than fixed-store restaurants, so the design cost of the store is cheaper. The design of the kitchen car is a dish provided with the exterior (painting and wrapping) and uniforms and aprons that the staff wear. Considering that design costs such as walls, tables, chairs, tableware, etc. are not required, it is much cheaper than opening a store-type restaurant.

You can move to where the customer is

Mr. Fujita, who opened McDonald’s Japan, famously said that “location is more important than anything else in the restaurant industry”, but it is the same story even if it is replaced by the kitchen car (mobile sales) business. As you can see, in the case of mobile sales and kitchen cars, even if you fail to choose a location once, you can go to the next place with a lesson. That’s not the case with store-type restaurants. The biggest advantage of kitchen cars (mobile sales) is that you can go where you are.

They have a low cost of money

Ultimately, kitchen cars (mobile sales) can be operated by one person. Or, since mobile sales itself is fun, there is a demand that “I want to do it as an interesting part-time job”.

Even if you want to hire a part-time job, it is not a complete money term, so there is a tendency to recruit even if the hourly wage is not too high. It would be even better if people with close values come to work part-time.

You are free to choose your working hours

If you can’t manage yourself, it hurts, but it’s also good to be able to freely choose your own working hours. According to Japanese common sense, it may be normal to work from 9:00 to 18:00 on Monday to Friday mornings, but it is normal that mobile sales work at once when you can earn money. Also, if you don’t have to raise your income that much, you may not have to work so hard.

Close to customers

It is a mobile sale to do all the shop making, the menu making, and the customer service, etc. by yourself. One of the most impressive of these is the enjoy of conversation with customers. It seems to be really happy to receive a voice of joy directly. If you have this joy, you will not be able to make anything bad, and the closeness to the customer creates a virtuous cycle of improving the quality of products.

Decide which products to handle in the kitchen car

Products that are easy to prepare to some extent and have a large profit are said to be “powders”. These include waffles, crepes, esonomiyaki, takoyaki, baby castella, and taiyaki. If the powder is cooked as much as necessary at the time, most of the ingredients that were not used can be used for the next mobile sale.

In addition, although the profit is reduced, products that offer products in franchises become relatively easy to do because preparation is easy. You can imagine what the franchise has, but for example, curry rice, kebabs, yakitori and melon bread.