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Get Proper and Accurate Massage Reservation with the Help of Everybody’s Home Tie

massage therapyEverybody’s Home Tie (모두의홈타이) is a home tie website (홈타이 사이트) that provides useful and accurate information on where to look for appropriate home massage services based on needs. The website helps travellers looking forward to experiencing the world famous Korean Home Tie treatments, get connected to authentic massage providers. The service is available not in Seoul, but also in Gyeonggi in Incheon; Busan in Gyeongnam, Daegu in Gyeongbuk, Gwangju in Jeolla, Daejeon in Chungcheong and Jeju in Gangwon.

Habitual visitors to Korea are familiar with an old but still outstanding Korean law that gives legally blind Koreans the exclusive privilege of performing massage services for fees. However, the SoKor government maintains a blind eye in enforcing the law.

As it is, there are hundreds of spas and acupuncture clinics offering both on-site and home tie massage services rendered by blind masseur and masseuse. However, it’s unfortunate that some unscrupulous individuals use the license of a blind masseuse to run illicit businesses in the guise of rendering spa and massage performed by non-blind employees.

As a result, it makes the process of finding a legitimate and honest-to-goodness provider of home tie massage.

A third-party intermediary like Everybody’s Home Tie website can simplify the process by offering the use of its platform.

How to Use Everybody’s Home Tie Site to Find the Right and the Best Kind of Home Tie Massage

Find a massage provider with the help of Everybody’s Home Tie (EHT) by first indicating the region where a searching customer is located. The regions covered by EHT are the ones aforementioned above.

thai massage in KoreaChoose a category, which can be a regular home tie Thai or Korean massage or a Business Trip Home Massage with Thai Manager or with a Korean Manager. Bear in mind that only legally blind Koreans can perform professional massages. In such cases, a Thai or Korean manager will be in attendance to help the masseuse or masseur reach a destination, as well as carry out the assigned tasks.

After getting transferred the web page of the specified region, use the search tool to look for a provider by adding specific terms like male, female, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish or Indian massage.

The search tool will return with a list of businesses vetted and accredited by EHT. Take notice of the notification Open or Close appearing on the image as some of them could have closed shop without notifying EHT. Use the phone number to book reservations for on-site or home massage service.

EHT recommends that customers book their own reservation since the site only acts as a search process intermediary and not in terms of reservation bookings. Besides, booking a reservation personally by phone, will avoid any mix up of information. Similar to restaurant reservations, the massage establishment will make a confirmation of the appointment booking.