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Why Is It So Crucial To Share Meals With Your Family?

With the omnipresence of screens, family meals are becoming increasingly rare. However, according to two clinical psychologists for children and adolescents contacted by LCI, they would be essential to the good construction of a child. “At the table !” In some families, the meal is grouped. Parents, children … Everyone should be present around the table to share a moment, together especially on National Son Day. In others, on the other hand, it is done individually. Everyone eats in their own corner, even at the time they want. It is not always easy, in fact, to juggle everyone’s schedules to bring everyone together at the same time. But for the clinical psychologists for children and adolescents Béatrice Copper-Royer and Samantha Villani, the family meal is essential to the construction of the child. So if it is difficult for you to ritualize this shared moment, putting it in place as often as possible should already be beneficial to your family life. Here’s why.

Enjoy your meals with your family without worrying about the dishes!

A large table, a good meal, several dishes, pleasant guests. You have just had a fantastic time with your family. Yes, but here it is: the meal is over, the children are in bed and the uncles, aunts, and cousins ​​have all returned home. And what is left? Dirty dishes! Stacks of plates, piles of cutlery, and pyramids of glasses! Problem: you think that with so many dishes, it will be difficult to get a perfect result, and above all, you tell yourself that you will never be able to clean the gratin dish and your fragile glasses at the same time. Do not panic! Thanks to the performance of the Samsung WaterWall ™ dishwasher, your problems are solved: dishes are no longer a chore and they will soon be perfectly clean without the need for pre-washing.

With its powerful wall of water that moves along the bottom wall of the machine, the WaterWall ™ dishwasher, and its revolutionary washing process, will track dirt into every nook and cranny. The water spurts out at high pressure, and is projected vertically by a sliding deflector which circulates over the entire depth of the tank to clean each dish, each saucepan, each plate, each place setting … And if this wall of water is merciless for dirt, it is safe for your precious dishes: your plates will be as shiny as when you took them out of the boxes. And your gratin dish? By placing it in the WaterWall ™ Booster Zone, dedicated to heavily soiled dishes, it will come out perfectly clean. Technology should not obscure the practicalities. The WaterWall ™ dishwasher is very easy to load: a large capacity for up to 14 place settings, a practical drawer for knives, forks, and spoons, a height-adjustable upper basket to free up space for large pots. .. You will be able to place all your dirty dishes there in record time. And when the program is finished, for perfect drying, the dishwasher door opens automatically to release steam and allow air to enter. The WaterWall ™ dishwasher is also useful and practical in everyday life since it does not wait to be full to serve you. Its Daily Cycle 55 ™ program will allow you to quickly wash and dry your everyday dishes or those of an improvised aperitif with friends.