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Basic Dining Hygiene: Pendant Jewelry

Anyone who produces food for third parties bears a high degree of responsibility. The food must be harmless to health and of perfect quality. In order for you to succeed, it is important that the whole kitchen team pays attention to hygiene and cleanliness in their daily work in the kitchen.

Personal dining hygiene and butterfly pendant

When processing food, cleanliness is essential. Therefore, pay attention to your personal cleanliness. This includes washing and showering regularly. Employees in the catering industry should always have a well-groomed appearance. You need to have a strong sense of hygiene while wearing your Butterfly Pendant and other jewellery.

Dining workwear and butterfly pendant

You have to change and clean work clothes daily. Over time, dirt and microorganisms that can contaminate food will accumulate on work clothing or jewellery. You should therefore change your work clothes every day, because the cleaner the work clothes, the lower the risk. In the changing room, make sure that work clothes do not come into contact with street clothes.

Wear dining headgear: Butterfly pendant

Everyone loses hair every day. So that these do not end up in the food, it is necessary to wear a hat. You have to tie up long hair while working and a hood or wear other headgear covering the entire hair. In communal catering, it may also be necessary for men with a beard to wear a beard mask.

Take off watches and jewellery in the kitchen

The restaurant might not allow you to wear watches or jewellery in the kitchen during working hours. Before starting work, you have to remove jewellery, watches, visible piercings and friendship bracelets or control bracelets from events.Butterfly pendant

At one point, pathogens can collect under the jewellery. However, hand washing does not reliably remove them from under the jewellery. So hygienic hand washing is not possible. After disinfection, there is a possibility that residues of the disinfectant may remain under the jewellery and irritate the skin.

In addition, points or polished stones on rings can tear holes in disposable gloves, which then no longer protect the hands. Or there is a risk of injury because you can get caught with rings or other jewellery. It would also be possible for earrings, chains or visible piercings to come off unnoticed and fall into the food.