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Dining: Tips for PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint is no guarantee for successful presentations. Basically, it can be said that visualizations should not distract from the content, but rather support it. The technical possibilities encourage the incorporation of spectacular google slides templates in PowerPoint presentations. When this happens, the audience is usually enthusiastic, but the content-related statements often fade into the background or are no longer present.

Dining: Hints that should be observed when using PowerPoint in the context of presentations

google slides templates

Every presentation begins with a visualized schedule or an overview. This increases the transparency and gives structure, which has a motivating effect on the concentrated pursuit of the presentation.

Each slide should show where you are in your dining lecture. For example, the outline points of the presentation can be used as headings for the individual slides.

In principle, the slides should be designed uniformly. Name, faculty, logo do not need to be included on every slide.

The texts should be short and concise, ideally with keywords. The differentiations take place in the lecture. It is difficult for the participants to listen and read long explanations at the same time.

Colors should always be used when making PowerPoint slides for your dining presentation

However, there are some pitfalls to be aware of:

  • Do not use more than 3 colors
  • Use colors, for example, as a means of structuring or highlighting
  • Never: red text on a blue background or blue text on a red background. In principle, this is difficult to see. It should also be noted that approx. 9% of the population has a red-green weakness.
  • You should also avoid the color “yellow”

Dining slides need to be designed, even if it means more work

In order to make it easier for the brain to absorb information, blocks are a good way of doing things. Spacing between statements, indents, or dashes is extremely helpful. Graphics about food and dining are more memorable than written statements.

Ornamental fonts or cursive fonts are nice to look at but difficult to read. The same applies, for example, to italic fonts, capital letters, or bold text. Sans-serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana or Tahoma are well suited.