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Fine Dining Etiquette Tips You must Know

Fine dining ups a typical dining experience, especially with your loved ones or even partners in business. It composes of hand-selected wines, personalized service, and outstanding cuisine. Eating at fine dining restaurants though requires some etiquette. If you think that this is simply about playing some romantic songs and setting the mood or perhaps, surprising your partner with Roblox music codes you both like, you have to think harder than that.

Wear Your Finest Attire

In a fine dining restaurant, the dress code is oftentimes any of the three:

  • Formal attire
  • Casual elegant or;
  • Business casual

Among the three though, it is highly recommended to call the restaurant in advance to confirm what their expectations are for the attire. This way, you and your guests will be able to prepare and dress accordingly.


Before you step into the restaurant, see to it that you have turned off your device. Texting or calling during your meal is a prime example of rudeness.

Put your purse, keys and phone under the table or on the table and never on the table.

Don’t Clink Glasses

Want to raise a toast for a wonderful evening? Just raise your glasses. There’s no need to clink them. Clinking may only damage the glassware and at the same time, it creates noise that might disturb other diners too. In addition to that, make eye contact with your companion or partner when saying cheers.

Have Good Posture

To have proper dining etiquette, always sit upright with your feet on the floor. It is never wise to put the elbows on the table. When you are drinking from a glass, steer clear of looking at everyone else. Rather, look only on the glass.

Pay Attention to the Napkin

When sitting down at the table, fold your napkin in half with its crease facing you prior to placing it on the top of your lap. Use a napkin to blot or dab stains. You may often see people using it to wipe in TV or movies, but never do. Close the napkin so by that, all stains will remain inside.