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Reasons Why Watching While Eating is Bad

After a tiring day at work, watching TV or your favorite movie at rokkr download at the end of the day is my ultimate stress reliever. And so, I make it a habit to watch TV while eating as helps me to rest myself from the hectic day. And similar to what I am doing, there are individuals out there who do the same. But I usually end up taking an earful from my loved ones, especially my parents. And if I ask why? They say that it is not a good habit. Nevertheless, watching TV for long hours is also not a great idea.

1. You will eat more: It goes without stating that if you eat while watching TV, it will result in eating more than you usually eat. This is because, your brain is confused when you watch TV and consequently, you fail to understand the amount of food you are consuming.

2. You might eat too much junk food: Another typical reason why you must not watch TV while eating is that you might pick amount over nutrient contents, which is frequently packaged meal that is filled with calories. More often than not, in such a situation, the true mates to catch up with friends over a sports event or a movie are full of chips and colored drinks.

3. It is most likely that you will be obese: Numerous studies have stated that dining or eating while watching TV makes you more prone to obesity, particularly in children. In addition, sitting in front of the TV for several hours not only reduces down your metabolic rate but also leads to the collection of fats in your waist part, making you more prone to obesity. So rather than spending several hours watching TV and eating your food slowly, make sure you eat your meals without doing anything and then watch TV after.

4. You may not feel satiated: As soon as you sit in front of the TV while eating, the idea of careful eating doesn’t connect. The reason is, when your mind is concentrated on watching TV, it prevents the feeling of being satisfied.