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Dinning in: Things to do while eating at Home

Measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease are continuing, and children and the elderly are trying to refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently.

Immunity is not something you can expect to benefit from eating a single food. By eating multiple foods, a wide variety of nutrients work together and are made in the body. It is important to consider a combination of foods that includes “staple food,” “main dish,” and “side dish.”

Avoid wasting food-Purchase what you need in a planned manner!

It is important to consider not only what you want, but also the needs of others. Check what you have at home and use up all the foods that have a limited expiration date.

Prioritize the use of fresh foods-think about the order of consumption systematically!

fruits and vegetables, dairy products, such as fresh food, shelf life use short ones first. In order to avoid the waste of food, leftovers is not to waste, so that it can be used in different occasions, such as considered or can not be stored frozen

Enjoy homemade food-Food education for the whole family!

Make staple food, the main dish, aligned side dishes meal, in regular time, to eat fun and for the whole family.

Let’s be careful about safety-Consider handling food!

  • Keep hands, kitchen and cooking utensils clean
  • Do not mix raw meat and cooked food
  • Cook well Keep below 5 ℃ or above 60 ℃ when storing
  • Use safe water and ingredients to

note that high blood pressure to take too much of prevention – your salt in low-salt!

  • Leave noodle juice
  • Refrain from seasonings (soy sauce, sauce, etc.) at the table
  • Reduce the frequency of salty foods such as dried foods and pickles
  • Do not eat too much salty snacks
  • Use spices and low-salt seasonings

Eat vegetables and fruits-Enough dietary fiber!

  • Eat vegetables first to prevent overeating
  • If vegetables are overheated, it will be easier to take the amount
  • Frozen vegetables are always available and used
  • Replenish with unsalted and sugar-free vegetable juice

Be careful not to drink too much Drink properly for your health!

Alcohol has a dependency, reduces immune function, impair the resistance to infectious diseases. Alcohol is also said to diminish the effectiveness of certain drugs while increasing the toxicity of the drug. When you wait at home, try to drink properly, and if you see squirrels damaging your property, hiring squirrel removal can help with that.

Drink water and green tea-Rehydration is important for maintaining good health!

Instead of drinks containing sugar, to drink water and green tea, in a simple manner to limit the intake of sugar and excess energy to. It should be noted that, over the amount of strong coffee, strong tea, caffeinated drinks, nutrition drinks, adversely affect dehydration and sleep.