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How Should We Customize Our Dining Table?

Not everyone has a dining area at home, but everyone should have one. A dining area where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drink a cup of coffee and read a newspaper. Sometimes a dining area is set up in the living room, sometimes in the kitchen, and some people even have a separate dining room in the house.

It is increasingly popular to put different chairs at the dining table. We understand why: there are so many beautiful chairs, which does not always make the choice easy. When you go for different seats, you are less limited. A mix of colors, materials and designs also gives your dining area a playful twist! With these tips you can prevent it from becoming an incoherent whole.

Our tips for putting together your ideal dining area

Think about the use of color
First determine which and how many colors you want to be reflected in the dining area. The latter option is the most daring and requires extra styling attention to keep it from becoming an incoherent hodgepodge.

Mix multiple materials
The more different chairs at the table, the busier it looks. Do you want that playful twist at home? Combine different materials with each other, such as wood, plastic, iron, textile, leather, velvet or rattan. Don’t like bright colors? Then mixing materials is a smart way to create beautiful contrasts.

Vary with different shapes
Bucket chairs, wire chairs, school chairs, designer chairs, tubular chairs, bar chairs: vary with different types of chairs. Also alternate between open and closed seats and different backrest heights. Place such chairs around the table, so that you get a nice balance.

A beautiful dining room sofa
In addition to dining room chairs, you could also take a sofa at the dining table. A sturdy wooden bench or a fully customized fixed bench with matching seat cushions? That is especially nice when you combine it with dining room chairs on the other side of the table.

At the table!
The dining table is of course the most important thing in the dining area, so if you see an ant you should immediately ‘ ant pest control ‘ . That’s what it’s all about. Are you going for a small dining table or a large dining table where you can sit with more than six people? And do you prefer a sleek modern dining table, a rustic wooden dining table or a sturdy industrial dining table? In addition, you also have to think about the shape. Square? Rectangle? Or a round dining table?

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Square or narrow dining table
A rectangular or square dining table has many advantages. This is because you can adjust the length to the space available. Often a table is also available in different dimensions in width. Other benefits:

A dining area is not complete without a beautiful lamp. The pendant lamp is very popular above the dining table. This can be a large pendant lamp, but if you have a large dining table, you could also hang two pendant lamps next to each other. Sometimes it is also nice to take wall lamps instead of hanging lamps.

Good sound and warm feet
Some find it unhygienic to place a rug under the dining table. After all, it is a place that can quickly get dirty with food. A stain can sometimes be difficult to remove from a rug. But still a lot of people take a carpet under the dining table, simply because it is beautiful and cozy, it improves the acoustics and with a carpet you also have nice warm feet.

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