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Will Sinister 3 Still Happen?

Horror movies or scary films are something that we either find enjoyable and entertaining or something that we avoid no matter what as we know it could freak us out and may even leave us feeling uneasy for days. Since these types of movies induce terror and fear, it is logical that we steer clear of such films. However, horror films have a certain way of pulling in people. It is no surprise then that this film genre is incredibly popular.

Sinister 3 – Will It Still Happen

One of the many horror films that turned out to be a massive success is the supernatural horror movie directed by Scott Derrickson. Sinister hit the theater in 2012 and became a box office success which grossed $87.7 million against a $3 million budget. Because of the financial success of the movie, Sinister 2 was produced that was released in the US in 2015. However, the second sequel didn’t get as much attention compared to the first sequel and even gained many negative reviews. Still, the movie grossed $54 million against a $10 million budget.

It’s been six years since the release of Sinister 2; will there still be Sinister 3 to expect or will it never happen? Since the second sequel wasn’t a massive success and with the negative reviews it got, the possibility for a third sequel is unfortunately zero. Despite this, there is still a considerable number of fans wanting, waiting and hoping to see the third installment of Sinister. This goes to show thus far that Sinister remains to be a deeply disturbing and horrifying supernatural movie that fans go back to again and again.

Eating While Watching – Do It With Caution

Movies are indeed entertaining regardless of their genre as they provide a form of escapism for many, making them one of the best “go-to” for some R&R. And to make our movie viewing experience much better, we often accompany it with a good snack or meal. The combination of watching and eating is quite enjoyable to many as it somehow completes and enhances the viewing experience to a certain level. However, when snacking or eating while enjoying a movie, it with caution.

Snacking or eating with caution is crucial since this may lead to weight gain. A study in the UK found out that people who eat or snack while watching have a difficult time realizing that they are already full which lead to overeating. According to researchers, the more our brains are lock in or focused on something, particularly watching TV, the less it is capable of telling us when we need to stop snacking or eating. The result of the study offered a clear approach to eating while watching – limiting ourselves to a healthy portion.

Furthermore, mindful eating is also encouraged, especially if you cannot give up eating while watching or watching while eating. Mindful eating or snacking is maintaining and sustaining an awareness of the food that you feed your body in-the-moment. This would involve making an observation of how the food influences your feeling as well as the signals that your body transmits regarding taste, contentment, and fullness. When mindful eating is practiced, you push yourself to slow down, which helps in avoiding overeating.